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These letters had been torn, punctured and creased by an excited puppy.

Archive Conservation

Before Conservation

After Conservation


Surface cleaned, repaired with toned Japanese tissue, missing area filled with a similar paper

The water stain was significant but the wax seal prevented the letter being washed


WW1 Letter with Wax Seal


Collections of letters and small pamphlets can be conserved and housed in bespoke fasicules

These purpose made booklets provide excellent security and allow the contents to be easily read

Collections of Letters

Thomas Harriot Papers, Petworth House Archive

'Observations of the Moon Through A Telescope' 26th July 1609

After Conservation

Before Conservation

Heavy old paper repairs and guards were causing distortions, damage and covering original text

They were removed and replaced with Japanese tissue repairs and mounted for exhibition

Lara Meredith

Book & Archive Conservation