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'Conservation' means the preservation, protection, care and restoration of our cultural heritage.  The aim of conservation is to reverse damage where possible and ensure future deterioration is reduced to a minimum.  Highly trained conservators combine their knowledge of the most up-to-date science with an understanding of the properties of materials and construction techniques to determine the best means of conservation of these objects.  Aesthetic awareness is also essential as conservators use their knowledge of art history and current and historical craft practice to understand the context of the objects they work with, and to conserve them sensitively and appropriately.

     Estimates and quotes provided

Here are some areas my work covers but it is not an exhaustive list.   Photographs of previous work are included in the Gallery.  Please feel free to contact me with your requirements.

Practical conservation of books including leather, paper, vellum/parchment, textile and bookcloth bindings

Practical conservation of paper based archival material

Practical conservation of vellum/parchment documents

Practical conservation of wax seals

Practical conservation of photographic material

Practical conservation of related materials, i.e. leather

In situ cleaning of library and archive collections

In situ cleaning and packaging of library and archive collections prior to building work/moving etc

Condition reports for pre and post exhibition and loans

Advice and recommendations for books and archive collections

Surveys, reports and photographic documentation for single items to complete collections

Mounting archive material

Cradle making for books in acrylic or archival board

Bespoke box, folder, cradle and bookshoe making

I carry out work for a very wide range of clients including private individuals, museums, libraries, and historic houses.

I have the flexibility to undertake work on items in my own studio or utilising alternative conservation studio space.  Some work can be conducted in situ within the museum/library/house and I can accommodate this too.

There are many aspects of conservation, including investigation, preventive care, remedial treatment, packaging, display, cleaning and repair.


Conservation is a highly collaborative activity, at times calling on owners, curators and scientists to fully understand an object.

Preventive Conservation aims to prevent damage from occuring by maintaining, and if possible enhancing, the conditions the object is in.  It addresses deterioration risks such as handling, storage and environmental conditions.  Remedial conservation can vary from a small repair to a complete conservation of an object.  The principals of this include doing as little as possible (mininal intervention) and re-treatability (the ability to allow for further and/or continuing treatment).  The aim is to avoid changing the object in such a way as it cannot be returned to its previous state.

It is usually necessary to see an item to provide a quote for conservation work, however,  an estimate may be possible based on photographic images of the item/s.  For a quote on a single item/small collection, where the item/s are delivered to the studio, this can be provided without charge.  Please contact me for details.


What is Conservation?